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What do you think about "Bullying"?
Now, this story is going to be really serious, and how cruel world is.

To tell the truth, my classmates kept bulling me .... for more than two years when I was a junior high school student. This is in the past so I can tell you what's happened to me in those days.

What did they do?

When I entered the classroom, they always said to me, "Get out of here!", "Go to Hell!" or "Die!".
When I was walking in the corridor, they flung dusty rags at me.
Those who were sitting behind me kept throwing me their eraser waste at me.
One day, after I was absent from school because of illness (in fact I was pretending to be sick the day before), when I entered the classroom in the morning, it was terrible! --- the board eraser was on my desk with all the eraser waste. Besides this, the garbage can was upside down on my desk, and also, brooms and garbage was around my seat.
On top of that, one guy said to me, "If you die, everybody will become happy."

Did I have friends?

No. Nobody could be my friend.  Do you know why?  Because they were afraid of getting involved.  They didn't want to be in the same position as me.  Nobody said "Don't do it!" or "Stop it!". They were afraid of being kicked out of the group.

Was I thinking about committing suicides in those days?

Yes.  I used to imagine about life after death.  If you kill yourself, you cannot go to heaven, right?  Yeah... you probably go to hell.  I used to imagine about Hell---I dropped out from reality.

Please read the following episode. How do you feel after you read it?

I used to think about suicide many times...No friends, nobody helped me... Everybody around me was my enemies.
When I entered the class room, many classmates told me,

"Get out of here right now!"
"If you die, everybody will become happy!"
"Die and go to HELL!"

I could not get revenge... no resistance...no protection.... because I had no power.
I was always afraid of them....I never shouted out "Stop it!!". No... I could not say that.
I could not cry, too...I forgot smiling, I forgot crying, too.

When I looked at my seat...it was terrible....the garbage can was upside down on my desk, many things from the garbage can were in a mess around there. And...other many things...brooms, a dustpan... everything was there...

How many times was I thinking about killing myself?
How many times was I thinking about giving up to being a human?
How many people kept bullying me???

When I was walking in the corridor, everybody flung a dusty rags at  me..and kicked me...

"Get out of HERE!!!"

Everybody shouted that...

I was in the never ending darkness. I could not see anything besides sadness and despair..

What is the meaning of my life? Why I was born?
I should die right now? Then everybody becomes happy??
Yes... that's right... I have to die...and I have to disappear from them..
Because I don't have the right to live...

...I was always thinking about that...

How to let them stop bullying?

I think there is no way. Even if the school makes the rules not to bully other people, it doesn't work.
Teachers shouldn't scald bully people or the problem is getting worse.
Nobody can stop bullying as long as we are human beings. No protection.

What should bullied people do?

They should try to have courage and efforts. Time will help them in some cases.
I want to tell them it is the best opportunity to learn a lot of things according to the experience.
Don't give up. Don't kill yourself. You are the strongest. Bully people are all weak and worthless. Remember, the pain is not endless. After you overcome the problem, you will be the best person in the world.

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