Honor or Money?

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If I ask people around me, "Which one do you choose, honor or money?", everybody answers "money".

How about you?

I know money is important, and we cannot live without money.
But, if you die, can you bring your money the world after death??

That's the point.

One day, I went out for dinner with my family.
They said, "If we die, we won't give you a fortune"
I don't care about that at all. A fortune?? so what??

I think, a fortune cannot change anything. The money rate is always changing.
Their "fortune" means "money". I know they are saving a lot of money.
But, I think it is just money.

I choose "honor".

"Honor" can be changed anything else. Sometimes it makes money, a lot of friends, happiness and satisfaction.
If I die, I can bring my honor the world after death, don't you think?
After my death, my honor will remain for ever.
That's the meaning of my life.

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