Japan Mystery

Extra column series - Japan and Japanese silly stories


If you use a railway, there are some different services.
Local and Express....in Japan, we sometimes use a super express train... we call that "Shinkansen".

But, Kansai area in Japan, we call "Rapid service" for JR West.
Do you know that the limited Rapid service train is faster than Express train?

I asked my English teacher, what is the difference between express and rapid?
He told me, Express is non-stop train, but rapid just means fast.

Actually, the limited Rapid service train (We call "Shin-Kaisoku") the max speed is 130km/h.
From Osaka to Kyoto, it takes only 29 minutes. However, you don't have to pay the extra money.

If you use the JR Express train, you have to pay the extra money
even though the speed is slower than the limited rapid train...

What do you think? Is it mysterious?

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