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I have talked about "Meaning of my life" at the English conversation school before.
It is a kind of deep topic, and it is difficult to explain in English. 
Even though you explain about that  in your first language, it is difficult to say, right?

When I was in a high school, I found a very impressive saying;

You were not born for no reason
the reason why you were born is
because there is one thing that only you can do in the world

Everybody is different. each person has a different way of thinking, different abilities and interests.

After I overcame "Bully", I started thinking about "What can I do for people?"

I was looking back... come to think of it, when somebody is in trouble, I cannot ignore him / her.
I cannot help asking the person like "What's the matter?" "Are you Okay?"

Yeah, I like to help people. That's why people say that I am an obliging person.
Then what is the occupation like helping people? It must be a teacher, or a home helper or something like that.
Now, computers and English are necessary to get a job so I used to learn both for a long time then  I decided to be a computer instructor.

Finally,  I teach elementally school teachers about computer. My dream has come true!

Edited :September, 2001

However, being an computer instructor is difficult to get a lot of money now.
Because the number of them is too much nowadays in Japan, and the hourly wage became decreasing. I gave up being an computer instructor as a regular job. I decided to work as just a common office worker, but if some people ask me something as a side business, I will accept it.

Edited : March 31, 2003

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